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Meridian Village 11800 Oswego St. Unit #D40 80112
Castle Rock 780 Kinner St. Colorado, 80109
Call Us Today! 720-504-5959
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Some Of What You WILL Learn...
Choke From Behind
Choke From Behind With A Push
Choke From The Front With A Push
Choke From Behind With A Pull
Choke From The Side
2 Handed Plucking vs Front Choke
1 Handed Choke Defense
360 Defenses
Bear Hug From Behind Arms Pinned
Bear Hug From The Front
Defense Vs Bear Hug Arms Free
Breaking The Guard
Elbow Strikes
Fall Get Up From The Ground
Inside Defenses
Krav Maga Punch Combos
Gun Threat From Behind Touching
Gun Threat From The Front